Depression and Anxiety Counseling Phoenix

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Are you finding yourself dissatisfied with life? Do you want to achieve more in your life?

Maybe you are experiencing anxiety or even depression or have gone through a traumatic event or a loss. These feelings can disrupt your life to live normally.

We at Marriage Counseling of Phoenix can help you move forward.

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We use different approaches when living a stressful life leading to you feeling anxiety or depression.

Let us help identify what is causing the anxiety to depression in your life now. Then, together we can improve your life with depression and anxiety counseling in Phoenix.

Addressing Depression With Therapy 

Somewhere in your life, you go through periods of feeling depressed. Sometimes those feelings can lead to alterations in your life, from sleeping and eating to losing interest in the daily activities that made you happy.

There are times you can shake these feelings off fast. Yet those feelings sometimes keep lingering, and you will need professional help. Depression counseling can be beneficial for your health.

Our Marriage Counseling of Phoenix therapists are passionate about providing the tools and support you need to break free from your negative cycles. So let's help you regain control of your life to be happy again.

Addressing Anxiety With Therapy

Many people experience the effects of anxiety. With anxiety, you can feel irrational feelings, as if everything in life is doomed. You can always be nervous, panicky, jittery, and unable to control your fear. Maybe you avoid certain situations that trigger those feelings.

When anxiety overwhelms you, it can start interfering with your daily life. At this time, it is an indicator you need professional help. Marriage Counseling of Phoenix can help make your anxiety manageable.

You can regain control of your life with the proper support and guidance. Our therapist's main priority is to provide you with helpful tools to help empower yourself.

"I loved my parents so much, but I was devastated when they both died in a car accident,. After that, I could not eat or sleep, and grief took over my life. Luckily, I got help with anxiety therapy at Marriage Counseling of Phoenix. The friendly counselor helped me to snap out of my anxiety and get my life back to normal."

- Karyn Gables (Phoenix)

Addressing Trauma Leading to Anxiety and Depression 

Trauma is a long, confusing process; when it occurs, your body's reaction creates warning signals that affect your future. Paired with trauma, it can lead to anxiety and depression.

The feelings of trauma are similar to any other feelings of stress leading to anxiety. It can disrupt your life even if you try to move past them. So, if you have experience trauma in your life in the past or recently, our trauma therapists can help.

Start Your Healing With Anxiety or Depression Today

Depression and anxiety therapy is not only about struggling with the obstacles affecting your life. With Marriage Counseling of Phoenix, we can help you move past the barriers from anger, anxiety, and PTSD to depression.

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Our counselors will equip you with the tools and resources to step forward. Together we will help you grow with some guidance along the way. So get out of the rut you are stuck in today and start traveling a new life journey with us.