Grief Counseling Phoenix

Grief Counseling

Have you been struggling to let go of someone or something? Maybe you're having trouble letting go of the grieving process. 

No matter your loss, whether it is losing a loved one, your job, getting sick, or a divorce the grieving process is normal.

But there are times when those feelings of grief can leave you disconnected from life.

Depressed girl hiding her face by hand

When those feelings of grief are strong, you end up crying, angry, or depressed if you relate to these feelings, leaving you unable to concentrate.

It can help if you visit Marriage Counseling of Phoenix for grief counseling. While you might feel alone now, you are not alone, as our counselors can help you heal.

“I lost my Becky a while ago. I still grieve, yet I have learned how to deal with it a little better. I’d tried laughing, and I’d tried crying. None of it was gonna bring her back. Marriage Counseling of Phoenix helped me understand how to get on with my life rather than try to get over my loss.”

- M Knox (West Phoenix)

Grief is Part of Life 

When you lose someone or something, the experience of loss to grief is normal. However, it would be best if you grieved as moving on with a healthy life is necessary.

Still, coping with all the feelings can become overwhelming when alone. You must cope with your loss even if the people around you have good intentions and try to help.

The problem is that the more you bring out your grief, people can start saying hurtful things that make you feel worse.

Grief Counseling Phoenix AZ

You face different emotions, from denial, anger, and bargaining, which can result in depression. However, it is all part of the grief process and normal.

But if those feelings start taking over your life, there is help with grief counseling in Phoenix.

With Marriage Counseling of Phoenix, our grief therapists can provide you the support you need in a compassionate and safe space.

During this time, you will learn to deal with:

  • Your yearning and longing for intense sadness
  • The concern of not being with a deceased or something you lost
  • You will learn to engage in happiness again while still remembering the fond memories
  • You will also be able to face the reminders surrounding your loss
  • Lastly, you will gain the desire to regain interest in your life without being angry or bitter

Grief Counseling Provides You With Support Through The Difficult Times

When dealing with loss, it helps to have support, and choosing grief counseling will help to fill that gap. In addition, we can help you understand your loss and process the pain that goes with it.

Grief counseling will help you adjust to your new life to move forward, even if it is not the same as before. You can get relief from the suffering now and move forward with Marriage Counseling of Phoenix.

The best part is you can still honor your loss while moving forward with your life.

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There is Life After a Loss

Even if you think you cannot face your pain as it is too overwhelming, grief counseling can help you through this troubling time. With individual and group grief sessions, you can recover from the loss as it need not be permanent.

You need not handle your loss alone, as life after loss starts here with Marriage Counseling of Phoenix. Of course, you will never forget your loss, but when you face your grief, you can move forward with your life.

We understand your feelings, but our therapists are ready to help. Contact us now for a grief therapy session.