Family Counseling Phoenix

What is Family Counseling?

Create a Welcoming Home Atmosphere Today With Family Counseling

Is your home peaceful, or is there more conflict than anything else?

Are you struggling to get along with your kids, or do you feel overwhelmed to exasperated? Or is there a lack of connection in the family, as everyone feels distant to disconnect?

The truth is every family needs support to help them navigate through the negatives they face. Marriage Counseling of Phoenix is a support system to help you work through the chaos in your home.

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With family counseling, you can rebuild your home to become the sanctuary it used to be. We believe that building solid foundations for healthy family relationships starts with us.

We offer different types of family counseling to help families reconnect with each other again.

Childrens Family Counseling

With child counseling, we help families with kids aged 6 to 12 using an approach from two perspectives. First, we help build a solid relational bond and help balance discipline.

It is essential to find a healthy medium between establishing a safe emotional bond between you and a child while still maintaining an authority figure in your home.

With family counseling, our professional therapists can provide insight to help parents build and foster healthy open connections with their kids.

Teens Family Counseling

With teen counseling made for aged 13 to 18, we can help parents understand how their children mature. Kids at this age want freedom and want to be independent.

While the transition is expected, these adjustments can cause turbulence in a home. However, with family therapy, you can provide your teens with the strong guidance they need to remain to have a loving relationship.

With family counseling for teens, we help the children and parents understand each other's needs and the changes taking place.

"I am a single parent taking care of two teens, and we had many feuds in the home. So I decide to use Marriage Counseling of Phoenix for family counseling. They helped us as a family to work through the issues we had. As a result, today, we understand each other better and do not have conflict in our home as we used to."

- Jenny Bradwell (Phoenix North)

Blended Family Counseling 

No matter the shape or size of a family, each one experiences pitfalls to setbacks. At Marriage Counseling of Phoenix, we provide blended family counseling with a personalized roadmap to help them navigate the challenges they will face. As a result, no matter the family you have, we can help nurture new and lasting family bonds.

Start Your Family Jouit's With Family Counseling in Phoenix

Regarding parent-child relationships, you want to build life-long relationships with your family as your children grow.

Yet, at times you find deeply routed problems that never get resolved. When ignored, these issues can block a healthy family relationship.

For this reason, adult-child counseling becomes essential. With family counseling in Phoenix, our therapists focus on revisiting the past or the pain interfering with the family relationship.

Family Counseling Phoenix AZ

With family counseling, we can help bring reconciliation to the problem at hand. Together you can work for a new and healthy parent-child relationship.

Marriage Counseling of Phoenix understands that seeking help is nerve-racking. For this reason, we offer you a complimentary online consultation. In addition, we have therapists located throughout Phoenix and surrounding areas.