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Work and Career Issues

As we spend most of our time at work, it must be a comfortable and safe environment.

Still, it is a place where different personalities to cultures congregate, making it a place of conflict as each person has their views. 

You find work bullying and gossiping, making the workplace unbearable for many people.

Many work issues arise from poor job fit, verbal and sexual harassment, mental anguish, low motivation, job dissatisfaction, and discrimination.

A fact is that you might be relating to the examples above. If you are, then work, and career counseling in Phoenix needs to be a priority on your list.

Work Counseling In Phoenix

What Are The Common Issues You Can Face

While we mentioned some issues briefly in the introduction. You may find yourself facing the following:

  • Communication Problems
  • Be Part of Workplace Gossip
  • Find Yourself in Interpersonal Conflict
  • Have Performance Issues
  • Not Satisfied With Your Job
  • Being Bullied or Harrassed
  • Discriminated

Are you facing any of these problems finding yourself unable to get up and go to work? Or are you wondering if you have made the wrong career choice?

No matter your work concern, Marriage Counseling of Phoenix can help with work & career counseling.

"I went through sexual harassment at work, and no matter whom I talked to, it ended up getting swept under the mat. I went for work and career counseling,; they helped me face the problem and provided me with the best techniques to deal with the situation. The person that harassed me unfortunately was fired but things at work have settled down as more than one person came forward about being harassed by the same person."

- Hanna Hughes (Phoenix)

How We Can Help 

With work and career counseling in Phoenix, our therapists can help you better understand what you are going through at work. Whether you are part of workplace bullying or unsure about your career, we can help. We will equip you with alternative ways to help you handle the tension you are going through.

You can air your concerns in a neutral environment to discuss your worries, stressors, and fear to regain control of your life and happiness at work.

Psychotherapy will help address work issues as talking through things helps with anxiety and depression as these can result from conflict. You can learn coping skills to manage work-related stress with our mental health professionals.

Career Counseling In The Phoenix

Sort Out Your Mental Health Issues With us Today. 

Instead of facing your work-related concerns alone and taking them with you home causing more stress on the family. Contact Marriage Counseling of Phoenix to help regain control of your life again. We are always available to help.