Divorce Counseling Phoenix

Divorce Counseling

The most challenging healing process can take place after a divorce. While divorce is common in today's world, you may have been caught off guard, leaving you with intense grief.

For this reason, it helps to seek counseling to help you move through this difficult time. In addition, you might be experiencing different emotions that feel intense and conflicting.

The emotions can be from anxiety, grief, anger, depression, sadness, disappointment, hope, to even relief. Still, even during this time, couples need to find ways to exist navigating through the shared roles after a marriage ends.

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Yet, there is help with divorce counseling at Marriage Counseling of Phoenix. Our therapists have helped many couples and individuals with divorce's challenging aspects.

With counseling, couples can work through the separation to build healthy relationships as ex-lovers, co-parents, and more.

"My divorce ended badly, and I was dumbstruck when the divorce papers arrived. I was so angry for being betrayed after being married for so long. I decided to go for individual divorce counseling to help retain my faith in building new relationships ahead."

- Amanda Hendricks (Phoenix)

What Can You Expect During Divorce Counseling?

During divorce counseling, you can expect a safe environment where you can process everything to heal and plan your life.

With divorce counseling in Phoenix, the main goal is to create new safety foundations. You can then salvage the best memories of your past relationship to find a way to transform that relationship into something functional, healthy, and new.

Even if you do not see your ex-partner, you must share responsibilities. You still need to keep the relationship healthy to connect without the hurt.

Topics Discussed at Divorce Counseling Phoenix

Now, you may wonder what the purpose of divorce counseling in Phoenix is. The main goal is to overcome the hardships while sharing roles as business partners, financial support, and co-parenting.

Divorce Counseling Phoenix

The main goal of divorce counseling is not to see if you can revive the marriage but help both of you to communicate after separating. Some topics discussed are as follows:

  • Strategies for co-parenting
  • Discussing boundary settings
  • Help with effective communication
  • The changes that will take place in the relationship from family to friends
  • The identity changes taking place
  • Financial stressors

Whether you have divorced or going through a divorce, it helps to seek counseling to help make the transition simpler. Contact Marriage Counseling of Phoenix NOW for divorce counseling.