Infidelity Counseling Phoenix

Infidelity Counseling

What has become broken, you can mend again. The hurt can be healed; no matter how dark life looks, the sun can rise again. 

Have You Gone Through an Affair?

Is an affair breaking up the foundation of your relationship? Are you struggling to come to terms with and feeling angry, sad, or even guilty?

Infidelity Counseling In Phoenix

Or perhaps you suspect that your partner is unfaithful but unsure how to confront them. Maybe the affair leaves you feeling your relationship is beyond repair, even if the betrayer feels remorse.

Yes, infidelity can cause damage to any relationship, whether you're married or not. Those feelings of sadness, mistrust, and betrayal keep coming up. You question yourself if you could have done anything to change it.

You and the betrayer might experience anxiety, making it difficult to rekindle your relationship. Well, you and your partner are not alone in overcoming an affair. There are millions of couples that experience the same thing.

Even the betrayer can go through different emotional things as the betrayed. For example, if you and your partner are dealing with an affair, you may feel uncertain about the way forward.

But there is good news, as there is hope after an affair. With our compassionate and experienced infidelity counseling therapists, there is help. Together you can work with a counselor to explore why it happened.

You can then work through your challenges to discover a new path forward.

Infidelity Counseling Can Help Your Reconnect

Yes, the aftereffects of an affair are painful yet confusing and create different feelings. You feel uncertain about the loss of safety.

But it is possible to work through those feelings of pain to come out stronger. Infidelity counseling in Phoenix allows you to discuss your emotions in a safe and confidential environment.

Together you can explore the facets of your relationship. During early sessions, Marriage Counseling of Phoenix will discuss the following:

  • the nature of your relationship
  • where
  • when
  • and why it happened.

It is essential to discuss your views as both wonders where they stand with one another, and it needs to be explored.

Together you will address the past and current issues to start looking towards the future and if you want or do not want to be together anymore.

Our Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) helps to focus on the emotional side and conflicts to help solve the problem.

With EFT as a couple, it helps you work through the negative patterns to move forward positively.

Regardless of the problem you face, Marriage Counseling of Phoenix can help.

"After 20 years of marriage, my wife had an affair, and I could suddenly see the changes in her life. Finally, she came clean with me and said it was a fling and nothing sexual happened. But she felt guilty and sorry. At first I could not trust her anymore but after we met with the counselors at Marriage Counseling of Phoenix I decided to give our marriage another try."

- Dennis Lewis (Phoenix)

Are You Still Uncertain About Infidelity Counseling?

While there are many benefits related to affair recovery counseling, you might still feel you need more questions answered.

For example, my partner does not want to join the sessions. The truth is that this form of counseling is only effective if both partners are present. Still, if you want to work through your feelings about what happened, we can help.

Or perhaps you are wondering if your relationship will ever recover. Yes, an affair damages the relationship, but it does not mean it is beyond repair. Many couples have recovered from an affair when visiting us.

Relationships Can Heal After an Affair

Marriage Counseling of Phoenix knows it is difficult, but with affair recovery, counseling helps. We are happy to answer all your questions about recovering from an affair. Feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our infidelity therapists today.

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